Hello. My name is Gabriel, I'm a young passionate graphic designer currently studying at Parsons NYC and working on side projects. I was born and raised in Paris where my soul remains as I live exciting adventures and happy all-nighters in New York City.
— website made by myself.

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A playful Baskerville typeface specimen sheet.
A colorful edition of RAND Corporation's
"A Million Random Digits" including old photographs of RAND's staff and facilities.
Flier for "The Future": electronic music event at Don Pedro's, Brooklyn.
MESMA RECORDS: design for Gabor's "Bibelots" EP (2014).
Wordmap displaying various NYC neighborhoods by major ethnic group and average rent.
MESMA RECORDS: artwork for Late&cie's "OEM" EP (upcoming release).
"Adult Fantaisies": silkscreened pattern.
Diagraphic food packaging system : a graphic visual element is generated from products' nutrition facts to become a visual translation of the data and its visual identity.
A kit of parts based off the Lennox Hill Healthplex building in Manhattan. The colors stand for the hours of the day and translate them on the sundial. Comes with a color guide.
A printed edition of the publication "La Fete Techno" by French scholar Beatrice Mabilon-Bonfils.
Cover for Andre Breton's Nadja & Ivan Tourgueniev's Premier Amour. Two love encounter stories combined in a single edition.
Two typographic compositions featuring quotes by Albert Camus and Friedrich Nietzsche and some of my photographs.
Visual identity for MESMA RECORDS.
Digital Illustration work.